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You're in great hands with TVC Pro-Driver Defense. We provide CDL lawyers and attorneys for truck drivers nationwide, and also offer several assistance programs designed to keep you on the road with solid scores. Among these are our free Data Q challenges, designed to keep your PSP reports clean and accurate, as well as TBS factoring services that can save you up to $500 when you sign up with us.

Our travel centers are conveniently located across the nation for CDL drivers to refuel, rest, acquire TVC bumper stickers, update their membership status, or ask our legal service counter for assistance. If legal assistance is required, the driver will receive instructions on how to handle any current traffic violations, as well as what to do should they receive any further CDL violations. An active member can then forward their ticket information so that an attorney can make an appearance for said member to help get their ticket reduced, amended, or summarily dismissed.

Future violations after 10 days are of covered cases are handled at no charge for the attorney. Pre-existing tickets do have a set flat rate, depending on the type of case. Drivers have access to an attorney provider service and can request an attorney consultation on any legal matter, and receive a 25% discount on their consulted case.

Our company also provides a variety of additional non-legal services, such as the Motor Club of America benefits service for the personal vehicles of our drivers and/or their spouse, emergency dispatch, and a 10% discount on big truck towing services.

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